Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I'm from the Commonwealth Bank and I'm here to help myself.

ONLINE auction site eBay has withdrawn the Snowtown Bank from sale less than 24 hours after real estate agent Nigel Christie listed it.

In emails and conversations with the Hales Real Estate director, eBay said the item was removed because the site deemed it "inappropriate or insensitive to victims of disasters or tragedies".

And in other banking news ...

THE Commonwealth Bank is celebrating its home-loan selling success with a "pirate party", days after raising interest rates on customers to protect mega-profits. The bank is flying 200 of its "mobile bankers and mortgage innovators" from throughout the country to Lorne for a gala dinner on a "treasure island".
CBA staff are ordered to come dressed as a "pirate, wench, rascal, scoundrel or villain", with those refusing to join in the fun ordered to "walk the plank".

Spokeperson for the Uncommonly Wealthy Bank, Mr. Shylock Homes, said that media reports that the orginal choice of venue for the party was the Snowtown bank with invitees ordered to come dressed as mass murderers was misleading in the extreme, as were the reports that there was to be a BBQ involving the spit roasting of defaulting mortgagees' first born children.


they pay several people huge amounts to think of ways to make us LIKE THEM, and then they do this stupid stupid thing.
Pirates? thieves robbers plunderers.
Made me recall a line from an old movie -
"I'm Bonnie Parker and this is my partner Clyde Barrow - we rob banks"

and the farmer who has just been threatened with eviction by his bank, says "well come right in".
A companYbay with profits going into a Swiss account, should not be so touchy hypocritical and judgemental.

The real estate industry would crumble overnight if all places where bad things had happened were withdrawn from sale. FFS
I may be a tad cynical, but I'm surprised that people are so surprised.
this isn't surprise Gerry, it's disgust.
but wait ... there's more -
'ANZ is hosting a "week of partying" for staff at a luxury Gold Coast hotel - the latest slap in the face to customers struggling with interest rates ...
the five-day conference ... as the bank was already surfing a wave of negative publicity for sending 100 of its "top performers" on a luxury island cruise next month.
Finance planners attending this week's conference will be able to "swim with an array of tropical fish" in the hotel's private saltwater lagoon.
"They are so embarrassed they have asked staff not to dress in ANZ clothing ... "Its primary purpose is a strategy session for 30 financial planners ... discussing business strategy and improving customer service"
Read more:

Just think about that time their Excess (more than 5)Transactions Charge caused your balance to be one cent less than needed for some Direct Debit and they fined you $35 for your sin.

"swim with an array of tropical fish" -
sharks, leeches and bottom-feeders?
The only banking alternatives other than Banks general and the Bldg /Soc is the mattress and under the floorboards.
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